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 Zac Bryant: My friend, My Partner in Crime, My Netflix binge watcher buddy & My Rock.

Zac Bryant: My friend, My Partner in Crime, My Netflix binge watcher buddy & My Rock.

 Our Furry Companion Zoey.  PC: Chelsea Dobs Photography

Our Furry Companion Zoey.

PC: Chelsea Dobs Photography

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  A nna & Eric (Engaged)

Anna & Eric (Engaged)

 Current Vendor of Forever Bride Team

Current Vendor of Forever Bride Team


Welcome Friend!

I am a Wisconsin native and a current Minnesotan who is fueled by country music, Jesus, lots of coffee and sunshine. 

My photos have been described as natural, romantic, and colorful. I have a desire to create laughter, cultivate relationships with you and capture all the smiles, tears and cheers! So often you'll hear me squealing behind the camera in excitement through each and ever moment captured. Photography is more than just owning a cool DSLR and pointing it at people. It's a passion, it's an art and it's an investment. It's so important to me that you get out the best experience possible though each session with me. 

When I’m not photographing, I’m traveling in my 08' Subaru and exploring new places and spending time with high school sweetheart and cuddling with my Basenji/Lab Pup, Zoey. I am also a full time Physical Education Teacher and just adore my K-5 students so much. 

My personality would be described as spontaneous, gracious, Intentional and Punny. I love random adventures, expect lots of puns during our time together. 

It's also so important to me to be intentional with clients, friends and family. Relationships are dear to my heart so making connections and knowing YOU on a deeper level really gives me life. 

I believe in capturing memories and moments of you and your loved ones. Where you can be yourself, have fun, laugh and giggle your way through each session. 

How did this dream start?

I have always been into capturing memories since I could remember. I always asked my mom as a little girl to always put those little disposable cameras in my easter basket and stocking for christmas, and would get so mad if I didn't develop them. When I was in middle school, I developed all pictures I had and plastered them all over my wall creating what I thought would look like a mural at the time. I realized very quickly it was tacky. But that's beside the point, it wasn't until my freshman year of college (2013) that I started experimenting with editing softwares and received my first Nikon from my husband for christmas. From there I started practicing on my friends, family and anyone else who had the guts to let me capture them. The more I practiced the more I fell in love with creating memories and beautiful images for people. I didn't officially consider the idea of making it a business until I shot my first wedding and realized this was something I wanted to bless others with but make into a small business. 


-Kelsey Bryant